Shockone ADM Singles
— Art Direction

Art direction for Warner Music Australia Pty Ltd.

Warner Music and Shockone approached StudioThinktank® to create a consistant visual theme in the lead up to the release of Shockones second studio album. The visual identity for the album run was to cover both release packaging, tour marketing collateral and merchandise.

Karl Thomas and Thinktank art director Scott Mellor worked closely to create a visual component to what the pair coined “The world of the Dark Machine” , with the emphasis being on the idea first and foremost, which then informed the aesthetic.

StudioThinktank® have finished the project, with the finale being the album design for A Dark Machine, which will be released later this year.

StudioThinktank® continue to work closely with Shockone and Warner Music Australia on further projects.

Scott Mellor [StudioThinktank®] - Art Director
Sean Finney - Video Editing

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