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StreetX, Brand Identity and Direction
for the International Fashion Label

Identity, Art Direction, Design

StreetX and StudioThinktank have had a close connection for many years, with StreetX founder Daniel Bradshaw and Thinktank owner Scott Mellor being long time friends.

The studio was initially engaged to develop brand identity for the then retail store. Almost all concepts for the branding ended up being used as tshirt designs, and the store shifted focus, concentrating on being a fashion label first, utilising the existing retail store to push their own product.
Scott moved to working internally with Daniel on the StreetX label, the pair taking the local retail store into an internationally recognised clothing label, with Scott creating the brand identity that is still in place today.

Scott ran the all art direction for the brand from 2013-2017, designing hundreds of garments, both print and cut and sew, travelling the world for production and promotion.

StreetX has featured on the worlds most prominent blogs and print publications, collaborating with scores of labels, from Champion USA to Rusty Surfboards.

After 5 years, Scott moved from his internal position within the StreetX brand to focus full time on StudioThinktank, however he continues to work with the label regularly designing ranges and individual garments.

StudioThinktank - Identity, Design, Art Direction
Rory Ferrante, Tom Sweetman - Graphic Design
Blu Builders - Store Fitout
Photos & Video by Adam Borrello, Sean Finney and Luc Clarke

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