Set30 Studio

— Brand Identity & Creative Direction

Set30 approached StudioThinktank® to create a scalable brand identity system for a company focussed on reimagining the fitness industry, with intense focus on community, music and eliminating the stigma of gyms.

The project had to consider 3 key elements;
  • The branding and company ideals must be fully expressed in the flagship studio space, a basement in central Perth, Australia.
  • The core branding must be able to be utilised throughout marketing collateral and future physical locations.
  • The branding must encompass a fitness brand, not just a gym, allowing future expansion through apparel and equipment.

StudioThinktank®  worked collaboratively with interior architect Alex Carter from Harlow + Willow to bring the space to life with LED strip lighting, industrial concrete and muted tones and Neon Flex detailing.  

Simplicity was key with the identity for S30, creating an icon that works alongside the logotype, that will eventually act as the hero graphic for the brand.

The yellow penlined arrow is based upon the idea of S30 being a vehicle in which to move forward in fitness. A call to the customer to put themselves in the arrow and progress toward the fitness lifestyle that they desire.

Team Scott Mellor [StudioThinktank®] - Creative Director Alex Carter [Harlow & Willow] - Interior Design Oscar Ozo - Lighting Design David Gardiner [DGPR] - Public Relations

L1, 329 Murray St
Perth WA 6000
+61 414 239 484
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