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Origin Fields Festival 2018
An identity to take Australia’s biggest new years eve
festival to a multi day celebration

Creative Direction, Identity

StudioThinktank® were contracted to creatively direct Origin Festivals expansion from a single day to multi day festival in 2018.

Historically, Origin had been the premier New Years Eve music festival in Australia for the past 11 years. The company came to StudioThinktank with a grand idea, to take a festival that had previously been deep rooted in bass music, and expand it to a multi day festival encompassing both live and digital music acts in the form of a cultural festival experience.

First port of call was a rebrand. It was important not to alienate the existing following of the brand, so a brand expansion was preferred to a total rebrand. We decided to rename this iteration of the festival to Origin Fields, conjuring ideas of vast open spaces and summer sunshine.Origin had specified that they wanted a softer and more accessable style of art for this iteration of the festival. StudioThinktank® had been in charge of art direction for the project since first being contracted in 2014, and had built a dark and futurist aesthetic that had become synonimous with the festival. With the inception of Origin Fields, we opted for a vector illustration style graphic, with elements of the rolling grass fields of its new home in Langley park, wedged between the Perth City sky line and the Swan River.

StudioThinktank® saw the project through from inception to execution, creating and directing all assets including stage design, merchandise and festival grounds layout.

Scott Mellor - StudioThinktank - Creative Director
Made in the Pile - Video Production + Digital Marketing
Rory Ferrante - Additional Design
DGPR - Public Relations
Ticketbooth - Digital Aggregation
Cool Shit - Installation Art

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