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Origin Festival 2017
A three dimensional brand update for
the revered music and arts festival

Identity, Direction, Design (2017)

Following Origins 10th year anniversary in 2016, StudioThinktank were tasked with creating an updated identity for the festival, as well as an new campaign for the 2017 event. It was important to maintain a connection to the original branding, while modernising the typeface and creating a bolder, more adaptive logotype that could be easily identifiable across all communications. In a few short years, festival marketing matured from being a single bill poster, to a multifaceted digital campaign, as social media marketing exploded and the festival grew from a 5000 to a 25000 person event. 

StudioThinktank - Direction, Design
Rory Ferante - 3D production
Adam Borrello - Video Production
Sean Finney - Video Production

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