Labrinth - Imagination & The Misfit Kid Album
— Art Direction

Art direction for Sony Music Entertainment UK Ltd / Syco Music.

Following on from the rebrand that StudioThinktank completed for Labrinth at the beginning of his 2019 release cycle, the studio was retained to work on all projects for the artist throughout the year, culminating in the studio Album release of Imagination & The Misfit Kid. 

In an era of digital release artwork exisiting as a tile on a streaming service, we also decided to put together an accompanying book, pieced together with elements of Labrinths own notebook scribings, to give fans a tangeable and physcal element to the album. Known as the Book of Imagination, this was a limited print that served initially as a marketing tool for the listening parties, before being released in short run with the album.

The album was released worldwide on November 22 through Sony Music Entertainment UK to critical acclaim.

Album Cover

Internal booklet (Vinyl Release)

Rear Cover (Vinyl Release)

Book of Imagination

Waterloo Station Billboard (November 2019)  

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